Top 5 Best Brunch Spots in the City

Tagged: Restaurants,Dining,brunch Posted on: 01 October 2016

You slept in. Of course you did – you’re on vacation. Or perhaps, you got up early anyway and went for a morning jog in the River Valley. Or perhaps you had a couple too many ginger ales from the night before and are a bit groggy. Either way its time to ease into the day with a perfect brunch to start things off, and fuel you for the sightseeing bonanza that awaits. The culinary scene continues to improve within the city and no matter what area you have made your temporary home, some of the best brunch spots in the city are not too far away. From old classics, to new inspirations, here are the top 5 brunch spots in Edmonton.

Highlevel Diner

10912 88 Ave NW

Highlevel Diner

Old faithful. This classic diner has been around forever. Sitting just on the south side of the River Valley perched over the High Level Bridge is the place that every Edmontonian has fond memories of. It still delivers your consistent breakfast fare at reasonable prices. Pick up some Cinnamon buns with caramel bourbon sauce or try the Farmer’s Omelette. It may not blow you away as being the most creative dish you’ve awoken to. But that’s not what you get here. You just get the goods, straight up. A great, classic breakfast in a nostalgic setting that is quintessentially Edmonton.

Blue Plate Diner

10145 104 St.

Bue Plate Diner

From going simple at Highlevel, to exploring new heights, Blue Plate Diner is the antithesis of straightforward. Chef Cean Holmes takes the old classics, flips them in the air with a spatula and turns them on their head with creative sophistication. For instance, eggs “Beneduckt” with duck confit is absolutely ‘quacktastic’. If you don’t believe me, just ask Billy Madison. Or if you’re a stacks type of person, then try the blueberry pancakes, infused with lemon curd. I mean, come on! Even the décor has a bit of a twist to it. You’re not sure whether you’re in your grandmother’s old dining room, or a hipster’s dream pad.


10522 124 St.

So many options, so little tummy room. The menu at Canteen has too much to offer. First world problems, right? Do you go classic with the chicken and waffles? Or go crazy and snag the crispy pork belly with cheesy grits. There’s a sense of soul food in these dishes – beef brisket, fried eggs and gravy, biscuits and gravy with some spicy tomato sauce. (Add a beverage) Homer Simpson’s wet dream comes in the form of brown sugar bacon. End it off with this as your breakfast dessert and you’ll be happy as a pig.

Culina -  Muttart

9626 96a St NW

Culina Muttart

One of the most amazing settings, the Muttart Conservatory’s glass pyramids that offers spectacular city views also houses one of the best hidden gems when it comes to breakfast and lunch eats. The weekend brunch consists of a relatively simple menu so you don’t get lost in all the details. The classics like eggs benny, breakfast burrito and classic French toast are all winners. Plus, you can get some fancy coffees with a shot of booze for some kick on your vacation. And if it’s between the warmer months of May and September, grab a spot on the lovely garden terrace to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings of the River Valley and the skyline in the distance.


The Manor Casual Bistro

10109 125 St.

The Manor Bistro

There’s always a new special at the Manor Casual Bistro so check the chalkboard. Usually this is the sign you need to pay attention to as it will guide you to culinary delight. Chef Cyrille Koppert ensures that whatever is fresh and top of mind in creativity is served that day. Holy crepes, are the specials ever good! Within the High Street area, Manor creates the perfect starting point for kicking off the boutique shopping excursion in the neighbourhood. Or if that’s not your scene, then just lose yourself amongst the trees and pretend you’re amidst an enchanted forest, mimosa in hand of course, enjoying another lazy Saturday.

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