The Top 5 Best Dining Spots In Edmonton

Tagged: Dining,Nightlife,Trendy,Restaurants Posted on: 30 September 2016

Bar Bricco

10347 Jasper Ave.

Bar Bricco

Daniel Costa is the chef and owner of Bar Bricco as well as neighbouring properties Corso 32 and newly-opened Uccellino. These three Italian-inspired projects each offer a slight variation of the evening dining experience, but Bar Bricco seems to be the perfect introduction. A quaint and modern space, the energy is alive when you walk in. The dim setting creates intimacy and an oversized mural with depictions of hell gives both an artsy and ominous feel. Godfather, anyone? Smaller sharing plates are the order of the day. Something as simple as the olives is a tasty treat. But try the Truffle Malleterno cheese and honey combination that will make your taste buds swoon like an Italian opera. The hand-made ravioli is another personal favourite. It simply tastes like Tuscany – so fresh. Pair it up with one of the many great Italian wines. If you’re in a splurging mood, select the Bussola Amarone – this incredible wine that is rarely offered by the glass. Veni, Vidi, Vici.


10359 104 Street #102

Rostizado Exterior

From the guys that brought you Tres Carnales (see below) this hopping spot in Central Edmonton is dialled in to what a perfect dining experience should be. The moment you walk in, the incredible décor inspired by designer Erika Sanchez strikes a breathtaking balance of chic, modern, trendy, elegant and comfortable. You’ll be amongst amigos in this joint the minute you sit down. Dani Braun, Chris Sills and Edgar Gutierrez are the ‘tres hombres’ behind the genius of this Mexican dining experience. And an experience it is as you sit in communal tables, creating a festive sense of community amongst patrons. The dishes are scrumptious, with a flare for the creative – like the fresh fish ceviche which on this night featured Halibut with pineapple, red onions and a complimentary sauce that brings all the unique flavours together. It’s about to be launched with their new fall menu. The meat dishes are a good size for sharing and feature farm fresh cuts of chicken, steak, or pork. Wash it all down with your favourite bebidas and Salud!

Tres Carnales Taqueria

10119 100a St NW

Tres Carnales Taqueria

If you’re in a little more of a casual mood, but still want to break out the sombrero, than the same guys that brought Rostizado, still have their original taqueria joint as a great option. With traditional Mexican street eats, the three amigos still pour their high-end ingredients into the mix. Plus the guacamole and salsa is home-made. You can’t go wrong grabbing a carne deshebrada, pollo pibil or pescado. It’s the real deal with an awesome atmosphere. You’d think you were in Mexico – but you can drink the water here.

The Marc

9940 106 St – 100 Sterling Place

The Marc patio

For an upscale French dining experience in a contemporary, elegant environment, try this spot. Centrally located in Sterling Place, the Marc also offers a great patio dining experience on those toasty evenings. Consistently ranking as one of Edmonton’s top restaurants, it also has been lauded for having the best steak in the city. If you’re not feeling the Alberta Beef though, then you gotta do the duck confit cassoulet. Traditional French fare, they nail it. And feel free to start off the eve with the scallop appetizer with pickled apple and fennel. Or a massive cheese platter, avec un verre du vin blanc. The dining experience gives you such an authentic feel, that you’ll want to surrender!

Ragazzi Italian Bistro

8110 82 Ave NW

Ragazzi Italian Bistro

For the old Italian classics, grab a slice of pizza or twirl your fork through some pasta and enjoy this casual restaurant setting on a quiet stretch of Whyte Ave. It has a casual feel to it, and that’s just the way the Mazzato family likes it. Tracing their pizza spinning roots back to the 1970’s, they have become an institution for some good old Italiano grub that will fill the belly. Make sure you leave your belt at home, because a dinner of Rigatoni alla Bolognese, with a few slices of Calabrese pizza will hit the spot.

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