High Street: The Boutique Shopping Experience

Tagged: shopping,boutiques,Trendy Posted on: 01 October 2016

So it’s shopping you want, but you’ve gotten lost more times at West Edmonton Mall than an Arctic expedition in a blizzard. Or perhaps you are looking for a bit more off the beaten path stores that you won’t find anywhere else. Welcome to the High Street area of Edmonton on the West End of downtown. With over 100 local retailers and restaurants jam-packed into a few blocks, High Street continues to be a place for shoppers in the know. Throw in nine of Edmonton’s top art galleries intermixed, and you’ve got your day planned. Here’s what it looks like.

Start off with brunch to fuel you up for carrying all those shopping bags by grabbing some grub at the Manor Casual Bistro – one of the best brunch spots in the city. From there, ladies and gentlemen… start your shopping.

Pear Tree Exterior

Head down High Street where you will find over 30 specialty fashion boutiques. Check out the Pear Tree for some beautiful and unique finds for the fashionable woman. The boutique was started by Joyce Thiessen, a former investment banker and interior designer (the space décor shows), who wanted to reinvent the shopping experience. It’s worth popping in to check out all the latest threads.

Or you can head over to Red Ribbon for some more selection of women’s, men’s and kid’s clothing and accessories. They also mix in a few random pieces of housewares and lifestyle pieces for a well-rounded experience. 

Need an even bigger selection of goods for the home? Head to Carbon Environmental Boutique where you will find a huge selection of high-end cooking and kitchen gear along with a large assortment of other goods for the home. Everything in here is environmentally conscious as they only carry items that are “sustainable, ethical, non toxic and, whenever possible, local goods”. Look at you, saving the world by shopping!

Looking for something for that newborn? Head over to to Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes where a great selection of kids’ accessories are available. Loyal customers swear by the baby footware selection.

The Wine Cellar

Just before you head out of High Street, head over to the appropriately named The Wine Cellar for a specialty wine experience. The gorgeous brick room with elegantly laid out bottles of imported wine from all corners of the globe, is stunning. Pick up a bottle from your favourite wine region for an indulging happy hour back at the hotel. Or pack it for a special occasion back home. Either way, you will find rare bottles here that aren’t available at your regular wine store.

After you’ve thrown in the towel on the shopping, and the credit card is nearly maxed out, head up 124th towards Duchess Bake Shop for a delightful dessert treat that can’t be beat. Try the Duke – a salted chocolate and caramel cake that tastes as scrumptious as it looks. If you’re fading bit from all the shopping, it’s also a great place to grab a caffeine jolt to pair with that delicious Duke.

Duchess Bake Shop

These are just a few of the highlights of this cool shopping district. The beauty is that all of these shops in the High Street area offer a quaint, local feel to them and are compact enough that you can tackle the stretch with relative ease, despite the good selection.

And now that you’ve shopped, it’s time that you dropped.

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