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Like any sophisticated city these days, the bean is mighty. Coffee culture has blown up in Edmonton recently and many shops are doing it right. Check out any neighbourhood, and chances are that there’s a new roaster around the corner serving up top-notch espresso. It’s the perfect way to start your E-Town day, and you have your pick of some fantastic local cafes to give you that jolt in the morning.

Café Leva

Location: 11053 – 86th Ave

Cafe Leva

In the University district’s heritage neighbourhood, this little corner shop does it right. With its ultra-simplistic décor, you’ll escape into a coffee culture of communal tables and a buzz from the academic life surrounding it. You may even get smarter while sipping your java. Check out the scrumptious pastries or even grab a little gelato while you’re at it. Leva proudly serves local coffee from Ace Roasters.


Transcend Coffee

3 Locations: 10359 B - 104 Street (Downtown), 9869 - 62 Avenue (Argyll Location) and 8708 - 109 Street (Garneau Location)

Transcend Coffee Shop

In the Mercer Building – For over ten years now, this spot has been an anchor for the coffee culture scene. Complete with tasting courses and workshops, this is serious beans! If the hipster baristas are any indication, you will love your coffee – made from roasting their own beans in the back. Transcend’s Garneau location is in the historic Garneau Theatre and has been exceptionally renovated to provide a great work space. You’ll see caffeinated U of A students cramming amongst creative yuppies and neighbourhood joggers. It’s a great mix.


Woodrack Café

Location: 7603 109 St NW

Woodrack Coffee shop

For the outdoorsy spirit in all of us, this cool and comfortable café was spawned from a girls’ kayak trip in wild country Alberta. Yep, we’ve all been there where we’ve had too much Amaretto by the campfire and come up with grand ideas – but these ladies actually went through with it! The gorgeous space from friends Melissa and Shammy is there to inspire community and the inviting chairs give it that cabin feel. The comfortable décor fits perfectly with a nice brew of hot coffee. They’re serving up local Edmonton beans from Ace espresso and Oso Negro beans from Nelson, BC. Plus, you can grab some yummy homemade, local ingredients soups and ‘sammiches’ to fill that belly! Or a tasty whoopie pie for the sweet tooth.



Two locations: 10134 - 104 street or 10350 - 124 street


Direct trade beans are a cornerstone of their operation making it as fresh as possible and supporting the farmers directly. Their 104th location is right in the heart of downtown with a nice outdoor street patio for the warm days and a light-filled interior. The ‘credo’ here is to give you a great coffee experience, while also ensuring that you are supporting the farmers around the world who have poured their sweat – not literally of course, that’d be gross - into getting you top-quality beans.


Little Brick

Location: 10004 90 St NW


Little Brick Interior

In the Riverdale district, the historic charm of this space screams cool and relaxed. The brick façade of an old heritage house blends into the quaint neighbourhood. A large outdoor space to enjoy and a couple different rooms in the house have been converted to seating. You feel like a house guest as you sip on Bows & Arrows espresso and even grab the soup of the day with the Four Whistle Farm Duck confit salad if you’re feeling peckish.



8422 – 109th Street

Farrow Coffee Shop

Serving beans from perennial coffee rockstars Stumptown out of Portland, and Bows & Arrows out of Victoria, Farrow fires up a mean cup of joe. Connected to the Three Boars restaurant next door (same owners), they also pair up a great bite. You won’t find the mochas or lattes in this shop though. It’s straight-up, brewed coffee. On a cool, crisp morning, take a seat on the picnic benches outside and toast the hustle of the morning that surrounds. Be sure to rub it in to passers-by that you’re on vacation.


Lock Stock Coffee

10534 Jasper Ave.

Ace Coffee Beans


Funky loft space of exposed brick and the dim lighting makes you feel like you’re doing something you’re not supposed to. Is the coffee bean under a prohibition? Well, caffeine is a drug and here, the dose is euphoric. Serving up local Ace coffee beans, this centrally located café is a hit for locals and tourists. Plus the shared space of the Red Star pub allows you to roll right into an alcoholic drink. It’s 5-o’clock somewhere, right?

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